Holiday in Spain

For Spring Break this year our twin 19-year-old daughters, both in college, told us they were headed off for the entire week to visit a good friend who was studying in Spain. As I do when I get almost any news these days, I cringed. Sending teenage girls off to college today is scary enough. […]

Rules for being on a binge with your significant other

All across this region, as we have suffered through winter, people have been compensating by hunkering down inside and nesting. But these days, instead of stalwart indulgences like alcohol or dessert, they’re mainlining old TV series on Netflix — the new craze of “binge watching.” For the uneducated, binge watching is where viewers sit for […]

Celebrity’s apprentice

The first thing you have to know about my marriage is that my wife and I are very competitive. When we go to the supermarket, we always stop by the blood pressure machine to compare scores. When we run together, if we finish at the same time, my wife will run an extra mile, knowing […]

Send in the drones

Everywhere you look these days, you see stories about machines taking over jobs that regular people used to have. In factories, big robot arms are elbowing aside real working Joes by the score. Deliveries are soon going to be made by flying bots. Cars are parking themselves, and maybe even driving themselves. The machines are […]

Hacked! So why isn’t my bank more upset about my identity theft?

Last week, someone stole my identity. I know that seems stupid. Regular readers of this column will wonder, after hearing about my life, why anyone with a perfectly good identity of their own would want to pose as Peter McKay. Half the time, I’m not sure I even want to be me. Driving down the […]

Cat calls, sniffles and snuffles

Cats make me sick. Before I send cat lovers over the edge (and I’m pretty sure many of them are already pretty darn close already), I should clarify. I don’t mean I hate cats; I mean that they make me physically ill. If I am in a cat person’s house, within a few minutes, I […]

Get the picture? Flat screen TV proves surprisingly enticing

Our college-age son moved back home last fall. To save money, he’d live in our guesthouse and commute to school. Our “guesthouse” is actually just our garage. I renovated it years ago as an office, so there’s no cars or lawnmowers to deal with. There’s also no bathroom and not all that much heat. (There […]